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Digital reading and embodied meaning-making: Young children’s transactions with literary apps, contracted by Bloomsbury Academic.

Academic PEER-REVIEWED journals


Reading an app: Perspectives on meaning-making in digital literary reading in the early years. Perspectiva, 39(1), 2021 (bilingual publication: Portuguese and English).

The role of libraries in times of COVID: reflections and propositions. Co-authored with Dr. Nina Alonso. Desde el Sur, 12(1), 241-262, 2020.  (published in Spanish) DOI:

Digital literature in and out of school: Mediating children’s aesthetic reading [Literatura digital dentro e fora da escola: a mediação da experiência estética na infância], co-authored with Dr. Elizabeth Cardoso. Leitura: Teoria e Prática [Reading: practice and theory], 37(75), 19–38, 2019 (published in Portuguese). DOI:

Reading situations of digital children’s literature in the early years: characteristics of independent reading and shared reading with parents and with peers [Situações de leitura da literatura digital na primeira infância: características da leitura independente, entre pares e compartilhada com os pais], co-authored with Roberta Gerling Moro. Revista Desenredo, 15(2), 173-196, 2019 (published in Portuguese). DOI:

Children making meaning with literary apps: A 4-year-old child’s transaction with The Monster at the End of This Book. Paradoxa, 29 (Small Screen Fiction), 43-64, 2017. This edition of Paradoxa was awarded second place in the 2019 N. Katherine Hayles Award for Criticism of Electronic Literature, promoted by the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO).

The future of the reader or the reader of the future: Digital interactive books for children and multiliteracies. Caderno de Letras da UFF, 26(52), 121-139, 2016 (Bilingual publication: English and Portuguese .

The visual construction of metafiction in Ziraldo’s The Panel Boy. Forum for World Literature Studies, 8(3), 352-370, 2016.

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Embodiment and meaning in children’s interactive narratives [Corporeidade e a Construção de Sentido em Narrativas Interativas Infantis]. In Significações e estratégias midiáticas [Signification and Media Strategies], A. S. Médola, C. R. G. dos Santos, et. al. (Eds.),  (86–111). Aveiro: Ria Editorial, 2019 (published in Portuguese).

Digital children’s literature in the context of the Unesco Chair in Reading Awards [A literatura infantil digital no contexto dos Selos da Cátedra UNESCO de Leitura PUC-Rio]. In Unesco Chair in Reading Award – Selo Cátedra 10: Winners 2016-2018, Eliana Yunes e Viviane Moreira (Orgs.), (182-186). Rio de Janeiro: Saberes em Diálogo, 2019 (published in Portuguese).

Art direction as a mode of communication [A direção de arte como linguagem.] Co-authored with Claudia Mendes. In Art Direction and Trasmediality [Direção de Arte e Transmidialidade], Katia Augusta Maciel e Amaury Fernandes (Org.), (45-82), 2018. Rio de Janeiro: Editora UFRJ (published in Portuguese).

Book review

Review of Digital literature for children: texts, readers and educational practices, by Mireia Manresa and Neus Real. Nordic Journal of ChildLit Aesthetics, 8, 2017.

publications in Conference proceedings

The future of children’s texts: Evaluating book apps as multimodal reading experiences
Anais da iConference 2014, Berlin, Alemanha,
Coautoria: Dr. Eric Meyers e Ehlam Zaminpaima, 2014

Meaningful animation in children’s print and electronic picturebooks, co-authored with Cynthia Nugent. International Conference in Illustration and Animation, IPCA, Porto, Portugal, Nov 2013.

Parameters for the graphic design of children’s illustrated dictionaries [Parâmetros para o design de dicionários infantis ilustrados], 2nd Brazilian Conference: Book and Editorial History, Brazilian National Library, Brazilian Academy of Arts and Letters, and Fluminense Federal University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2009 (published in Portuguese).

Other contributions – RESEARCH DISSEMINATION

Multimodality, Transcription and Educational Research: Learning Beyond Verbal Language, post para o blog FERSA University of Cambridge, 2019

Methods Corner: Children’s Digital Literature, post para o DigiLitEY Methods Corner: Methodological issues in the study of young children’s digital literacies, 2019

Review of the book Digital Literature for Children: Texts, Readers and Educational Practices, by Mireia Manresa and Neus Real (eds.), for the International Research Society for Children’s Literature (IRSCL) website, 2016


High-tech column at the website Brasileirinhos:
posts about children and technology, with special attention to the use of technology in the development of Portuguese as a heritage language (in Portuguese), contributions since 2016

Book reviews for the Digital Library of the Unesco Chair in Reading at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (in Portuguese).

IBBYLink UK: review of picturebooks selected by the UK office of the International Board on Books for Young People – IBBY, 2016 

Literatura Infantil Digital:
Blog posts about digital children’s literature (in Portuguese), contributions since 2016

Children’s Literature at the University of Cambridge – A postgraduate perspective:
Eventual blog posts about the experience of researching children’s literature and of being a PhD student in this field, contributions since 2016

Blog Boolino – Mucho más que cuentos infantiles:
posts about children’s literature in general (In Spanish), 2014