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I am currently a lecturer at the School of Communication of the Federal university of Rio de Janeiro and a post-doctoral fellow at the Catholic University of São Paulo and have completed in 2018 a PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge, UK. I have also worked for more than a decade as a designer, editor, and translator of digital and print publications for children. The outcome of the past years of research will be synthesised in the book Digital reading and embodied meaning-making: Young children’s transactions with literary apps, which has been accepted for publication by Bloomsbury (2020).

I am a researcher in children’s literature and media, digital reading and multimodality. Currently I work as as post-doc fellow in the program of Literary Criticism of the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), after having completed a PhD in Education and Children’s Literature at the University of Cambridge, UK. Before that, I did a Master of Arts in Children’s Literature at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, and an Honours BA in Communication and Publishing at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. My professional experience includes years in the publishing industry, working as editor, designer, and translator of printed and digital works for children.

My research interests are transdisciplinary, crossing the areas of literature, communication and media, education and design. More specifically, my work investigates literary apps and picturebooks for children, digital reading and meaning-making, as well as the potential of digital literature as an aesthetic experience and in the promotion of multiliteracies.

I am also interested in the area of Portuguese as a Heritage Language (PLH) and in the role of (digital) literature in the transmission of Portuguese in diverse linguistic contexts. Some ideas and suggestions in this area and be found in my column High Tech at the website Brasileirinhos.

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