It is a pleasure to be one of the invited speakers of the Seminar Fictions for Changing Worlds: Research in Literature and Media for Children, organized by the Chilean Centre of Advanced Studies in Social Justice (CJE), The Catholic University of Chile, and the International Research Society in Children’s Literature.

The seminar will be in Spanish and take place online on Jan 13 and 14 via Zoom and Youtube. Registration is free.

Check the program:

Jan 13th, 4pm(Chilean time)
Collective Memories and Readings:
· Laura Guerrero Guadarrama (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico),
· Evelyn Arizpe (Universidad Glasgow, UK),
· Macarena García-González (CJE- Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile).
· Xavier Mínguez-Lopez (Universidad de Valencia, Spain).

Jan 14th, 4pm (Chilean time)
Literature and Digital Literacies:
· Pablo Molina (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina),
· Aline Frederico (Universidad Federal Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ,
· Cristina Correro (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain).
· Andrea Casals (Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile).

Register here. More information on the event’s website.

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