The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) has an annual award for literary and critical works of electronic literature.

This year, the book Small Screen Fictions, organized by Astrid Ensslin, Paweł Frelik, and Lisa Swanstrom, where I published the chapter Children Making Meaning with Story Apps: A 4-Year-Old Transaction with The Monster at the End of This Book received the second place in the Katherine Hayles award for the criticism of electronic literature. It is a great honor to be part of this achievement. The fact that the award is named after one of the greatest thinkers in literature today gives it an even more special taste.

And the jury highlighted the chapters devoted to digital children’s literature (including mine): “I loved that it began with works for young readers, establishing a lifelong readership for e-literature. I appreciated the interactive use of my own small screen to sample content as embedded in the codex. The topics and perspectives were diverse and the collection casts a wide net.”

First place went to Scott Rettberg’s already seminal Electronic Literature, on the genres of electronic literature. Second place was tied with Simone Murray’s also great The Digital Literary Sphere. If you’re interested in discussing the whole digital paraphernalia that surrounds literature today (or putting it in pretty academics, the “digital paratext”), this book is a must.

Learn more at the ELO website.

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